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Scentish Toilet Fizz Cleaner - Rainbow

Scentish Toilet Fizz Cleaner - Rainbow

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Scentish Toilet Fizz Cleaner - Rainbow

Inspired by the popular cleaning brand Fabulous Rainbows, our Scentish Toilet Fizz Cleaner in Rainbow scent is a delightful blend of tropical fruity, herbal, and floral notes. Say goodbye to harsh chemical smells and hello to a fresh and inviting aroma in your bathroom.

Our Toilet Fizz Cleaner is specially formulated with naturally derived surfactants that effectively separate oil and dirt, lifting them off the toilet bowl for a clean and sparkling look. The addition of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid creates a fizzing and foaming cleaning powder that works its magic in just 20 minutes.

To use, simply sprinkle the desired amount into the toilet bowl, let it sit for 20 minutes, then brush and flush for a deep clean. Not only does it leave your toilet looking and smelling fresh, but it has also been safety tested and approved as a household cleaning product.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with Scentish Toilet Fizz Cleaner - Rainbow and enjoy a sparkling clean and fragrant bathroom every time.

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