Our Recycling Policy

Our aim is to recycle the majority of our waste cardboard used in the delivery of  our incoming Spanish products.


We use the cardboard from the packing boxes as packing in the out going deliveries, minimising the use of new packing materials.


Also we use packing peanut chips made from a biodegradable compound.

Local deliveries are delivered in used cardboard boxes when ever possible.

Also we use Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable carrier bags.

The Environmental Benefits of Cardboard Recycling

Recycling cardboard offers significant environmental benefits. It helps reduce the amount of cardboard ending up in landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling cardboard also saves energy and reduces greenhouse gases, making it an environmentally friendly alternative that supports sustainable practices.

Furthermore, estimates suggest that recycling cardboard packaging can save between 25-50% of energy compared to manufacturing new products from raw materials. This process ultimately contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions and minimises the impact on both natural resources and the environment as a whole.

 We Reuse, We Recycle.