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Asevi Perfumador Blue - Perfume For Laundry

Asevi Perfumador Blue - Perfume For Laundry

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Asevi Perfumador Blue - Perfume For Laundry

Experience a burst of intense and long-lasting fragrance on your clothes with Asevi Blue. This laundry fragrance booster is a unique blend of premium fragrances, enhanced with the latest technology to release fragrance for weeks.

Perfect for all types of clothing, towels, sportswear, synthetics, and garments that cannot be used with fabric softener, Asevi Blue is not a fabric softener itself, but its mission is to add a delightful scent to your clothes.

For best results, use it with your regular Asevi fabric softener. This will leave your clothes feeling soft and fresh, with an extra boost of fragrance that lasts longer. Alternatively, you can use it without fabric softener for an incredible scent on your clothes.

Easy to Use:

  1. Pour the desired amount of fragrance booster into the softener compartment.
  2. For optimal softness, use it with your usual Asevi fabric softener, adding the fragrance booster first.
  3. Run your regular washing cycle and enjoy the extraordinary and long-lasting fragrance.
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