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Kiriko WC bleach

Kiriko WC bleach

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Kiriko WC Bleach

Introducing the ultimate solution for a sparkling clean and germ-free toilet - Kiriko WC Bleach. This powerful WC cleaner is specially formulated with bleach to effectively remove tough stains and disinfect your toilet bowl. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and bacteria with just one use.

Not only does Kiriko WC Bleach provide a thorough clean, but it also leaves a refreshing eucalyptus scent behind. No more unpleasant odors after cleaning your toilet. The added detergent in this product ensures that your toilet is not only clean but also free from any residue.

Trust in the quality and effectiveness of Kiriko WC Bleach for a hygienic and fresh toilet every time. Get yours today and experience the difference it makes in your cleaning routine.

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