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**Ultimate Blue Bundle**

**Ultimate Blue Bundle**

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Ultimate Blue Bundle

This bundle has absolutely everything you need for a full house clean! Perfect for a new home gift, this could be packaged up as a gift for an extra charge.

Asevi Brisa room/linen spray: Leaves your rooms smelling fresh all day.

Limpiazul disinfectant: Gentle on animal paws and baby feet, no harsh chemicals so can be used throughout the home.

Banos: This bathroom disinfectant leaves your bathroom smelling lovely and clean yet not clinical, a fresh homely scent.

Foresan toilet drops: Only 2-3 drops needed to freshen up your toilet.

Bano disinfectant spray: Works very well on tiles, basins and toilet bases, removing all germs and leaving a fresh smell.

Banos carpet powder: Just sprinkle along your carpets and leave for 20 minutes before hoovering. Not only does it leave your carpets smelling fresh, but your hoover smells pretty good too!

Ropa detergent: A lovely lasting fresh smell, keeps clothes smelling clean for days.

Ropa Limpia Conditioner: The partner for the amazing product above!

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